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Classes presently on hold due to medical issues

 Puppy Classes

Thank you for checking out our classes. It is a wise person that knows the sooner you enroll your puppy in classes the greater the benefits will be. The critical period for puppies to learn about their environment and interacting with people, other dogs and pets is from 4 to 12 weeks of age. After this period, the benefits ofassociations begin to lessen, however, it is still very important and necessary to continue the socialization throughout your dog’s life.

Puppy classes allow your puppy to learn and socialize in a safe and friendly way. Expert staff will supervise training and play sessions so your puppy will have a very positive experience, any bullying or over aggressive play will be quickly stopped, the puppies will be separated and redirected to avoid any negative experiences.

A quick word on why early socializationis so important. The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviourrecommends that puppies attend well-run puppy socialization classes prior to receiving all vaccinations. Please check out their statement and another article from the

Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association Very interesting reading.

Our scientifically based friendly training methodswill create a positive bond between you and your dog; your pet will listen to you and work hard to please you.

All our classes held at

The Donway Covenant United Church located at 230 The Donway West,
Don Mills,Ontario.
M3B 3S5 Room 7 on Tuesday evenings.

Class 1.(Puppy Basic manners & Socialization). 6 sessions.
                 For puppies 8 wks. – 4 months.
Starts 7:00pm – 7:45pm

Note: classes start on time please do not miss valuable information.

You register for 6 sessions, can start any Tuesday classes are held.

Because we allow 6 sessions for this course, we have time to address the many puppy issues you may experience. We will cover:

Toilet training
Jumping up
Pay attention to me
Come to me
Lie down
Loose leash walking basic

Puppies attending Class 1 PBM&S. Should have been with you for at least 7 days, Minimum of one puppy booster vaccination, deworming or negative fecal test. Permission from vet to attend puppy classes. Vaccination schedule should be kept current throughout training.

Adult dogs and Older Puppy Classes

Class 2.(Foundation skills plus Socialization) 8:00pm – 8:45pm

Note: classes start on time please do not miss valuable information.

Foundation skills & Socialization. 6 sessions.
For puppies 5 months and older (includes adult dogs).

This class is all about teaching(foundation skills +) that will set both you and your pet up for a life time of happy companionship together. This can be the next step for graduates from Class 1PBM&S. or for any dog that will benefit from the foundation skills every dog should have.

Course will cover:(to a higher level than class1).
Sit, Sit with distractions
Pay attention to me
Come to me, (recall-2)
Lie down
Loose leash walking 2nd level
Drop it
Off (anything you do not what your pet on)
Leave it(nasty stuff on the ground or your supper)
Socialization skills
Dogs attaining Class 2 needs to be fully up to date with their vaccinations.