Before you, get your puppy…..Or adult dog:

If you are thinking about bringing a puppy or adult dog into your family there is a lot you should consider. We can help you prepare before you get your new puppy or adult dog. Subjects covered: (A) Breed, mixed breed or shelter dog selection that fits into your life style. (B) Equipment selection and requirements. (C) When to get your puppy or adult dog. (D) Where to get your puppy or adult dog. (E) Bringing your puppy or adult home. (F) Toilet training. (G) Socialization. (H) Basic training. (I) Puppy proofing.


A new baby is on the way! It’s a time of excitement and recognizing the awesome responsibility to protect and care for this precious little bundle. The family dog(s), once the centre of attention, must accept and adjust to this new family member. There will be less time to devote attention towards the dog. Routines will change, what was once considered acceptable behaviour (a playful pounce, overly affectionate greeting, pawing etc.) is now unacceptable.

Being proactive and getting professional help to prepare your dog before the baby arrives is a very wise decision on your part.

Our counseling service provides advice and is customised to your particular situation in all the areas we need to cover. These will include: Working on all necessary obedience exercises. Slowly adjusting your dog to the new schedule, including quiet time and safe place for dog. Introducing your dog to baby items, smells and sounds. Understanding your dog’s body language and warning signs. Working with dogs that are uncomfortable and displaying stress signs towards baby. Safety rules. When baby comes home. Introducing your dog to baby the first time. Building a loving bond between dog and baby.

At the consultation we cover all the main topics, but because there is so much to know and learn, most clients’ book three or more sessions to work on the areas they need more help on.